Suggested Pages

We have created a list of pages here that you may want to add to your website. These are the most common pages that you will find on most sites and help with visitor navigation and information. You will probably think of other pages to add as well along the way.

Home Page: This is also referred to as your landing page; this is the page that a lot of visitors will see first. It is the introduction/welcome page to your website. This page should be able to quickly give a visitor an idea of what your site is about. This is also the first page that search engines usually index and also serves as the target page when exchanging links.

About Us Page: This is the page you will use to explain to your visitors about you and your website.

Contact Us Page: It is of utmost importance to provide your visitors with a way of contacting you, this page will include all of your contact information to make that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions: This page is another way to help your visitors and customers find answers to questions that are commonly asked. By anticipating certain questions that they may ask you are able to show you care.

Links Page: This is a way to help search engines locate you faster, while also serving your visitors with additional resources.

Site Map: This is a page that lists all of the links on your site so that your visitors can quickly find what they are looking for and it also helps the search engines find all of your pages to index.

Articles Page: This is a great place to have several articles that pertain to a certain subject matter of your website all on one page.

Coupon Page: If you plan on running any specials, offers, or deals this page serves as a great place to list them!

Testimonials: Potential clients are often searching for references or reviews from people who have used your services, on this page you can show their comments about your website.

Site News: Keeping your visitors and customers informed of new developments and services is easy when you have a page dedicated to that.

Privacy Policy: Your visitors need to know that you not only respect their privacy, but that you have specific plans in place to ensure that you intend to protect it.

Policies: Anytime you are selling goods or services it is a good idea to let your visitors know what your policies are regarding things like returns, exchanges, and other important information. Dedicating a page on your website to this is a good idea.

Referral Page: When your visitors see how well you take care of them they are likely to tell their friends about your website, this page will give them an easy way to do that.