Here is how our custom web design process works:

We will start the web design process by talking with you about your business or ideas to get a good understanding of your website design needs. We may have several questions to ask about your business or purpose just so we fully undertand what the purpose of the website is, and how we can accomplish this through a custom professional design. After we talk about your website goals, we will begin to design your custom website project. If you have content (such as pictures, letters etc..) that you would like added to the website we will collect all of that at this time. We generally have a "rough draft" website designed within 7-14 days after these initial consultations and design ideas. This will be when you will be able to check out the live website and present us with feedback for us to further tailor the design to your specifications. We do this part of the process until you are satisfied, this usually doesn't take long since we have a good idea of what you expect after our first consultation. This is why the consultation is so in depth. Once you have settled on the design, and are extremely satisfied with your website, we then will finalize the website by purchasing the domain name and registering it for you. Only after the finalizing stage of the website design process is payment requested. You don't pay a thing until your website is up and running. It's like going to the store to purchase a professionally designed website. The total average time for your website to be finalized is around 3 weeks from your initial inquiry. Remember, we can't make an exact time frame, since the finalized website is your choice.