Included In Every Design

A Custom Design: We will not use “Cookie Cutter” web templates that you will see on thousands of other websites. Part of our personalized service is getting to know your goals for the website and based on your input we will create a design that is exclusively for you. This means that your design will be yours. We are sure you will love your new website design, because our combined creativity and ideas will be the base for your design.

Free Basic SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to get your website indexed by search engines and ultimately lets your visitors find you. There are numerous factors and elements conducive to ranking well in search engines and many of these are often overlooked by some designers or included for additional fees. SEO can get quite extensive but there are certain fundamental SEO elements that we include for free with each of our web designs or website redesigns at Free Spin Web Design. Please see more on Free Basic SEO

Easy Navigation: It is extremely important to have a website navigation system that is a logical and easy to use format so your visitors will know where they are on your web site and how to find what they are looking for. We construct your navigation system with this in mind so your visitors can get where they need to go.

Fast Turnaround on Your Web Design: You won’t have to wait for months for your completed website. In fact, most of the websites are completed in 2-4 weeks and sometimes even less. Do not think this means you are getting a rushed-through less than high quality website. What it means is that we make your website project as much a priority to us as it is to you. We will need you to send your website content and be available to answer questions along the way so that we can complete your website in the timeliest possible manner.

There for You: Remember as stated in our personalized services we are always here for you. You will always be able to contact us as we answer all e-mail inquiries promptly. You will never need to worry about not being able to contact us.

Complete Setup & Uploading: We not only test your website along the way, but you will have access to the website as well once it is uploaded to the server so you will be able to test that all elements are functioning correctly.

Free Basic Web Maintenance: Basic Web Site Maintenance is included for free with every web hosting package we offer and includes a monthly update of existing links and making minor adjustments and changes to your sentence or paragraph. Read more about Web Site Maintenance

Your Website is Guaranteed: We take tremendous pride in our work, and therefore we stand behind our guarantee. Once your website is uploaded we will thoroughly test it. Any errors on our part that are discovered (very rare) will be immediately corrected at no charge of course.

Ongoing Web Support: If you have a question or a dozen regarding any aspect of your website do not be afraid to ask, we are here for you!

No “Geek-Speak”: We want you to be able to understand your website so we will not use confusing web jargon when we speak to you, we will instead use plain English. If there is anything that you do not understand we welcome any questions.