Why Choose Us

Your Satisfaction: We are only happy when you are! We are diligent with our efforts and care about every detail of our work. We work closely with you encouraging your suggestions and input through the entire development of your website. You will have private password protected access to the website while it is being built so that you can see the progress along every step of the way. We take pride in our work, and the results will show this.

Personalized Customer Service: Something that larger companies lack is personalized service, we are small enough and have the time to offer this to our clients. We pride ourselves on being here for you and we enjoy working with you one on one to answer all of your questions. We don’t claim to have all of the answers, but we will find them for you if we don’t have them. We will work with you along the way to suggest things that will make your website the absolute best it can be such as keywords, linking strategies, and anything else that relates to your website. Our unique service style is not only to build your website, but to work with you to accomplish your goals for the website. More information is available in the Personalized Web Design Services

Low Cost Web Design: Since our overhead is lower than most, we are able to offer you very competitive rates. Our unique services also increase the value of your investment.

Cross Browser Compatibility: Along the way we will be testing the design of your website to ensure cross browser compatibility with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 (IE8 and earlier are no longer supported), Opera, and Google Chrome.

Consistency of Design/Usability: Something that is missed by a lot of other web design companies is a consistent look throughout the website. You may have even seen this, sometimes you can become lost on a website or even wonder if you’re still on the same website at all. Your visitors will not have this problem. Your design will maintain a consistent look throughout your web site, complete with an easy to use and logical navigation system. We also work to keep your web pages within the recommended ‘eight second rule’ for loading time. This is important since most users will not tolerate more than around eight seconds for a web page to download. Our servers have an average connection speed of approximately 5Kbps (kilobytes per second). At this speed a 40 Kb web page takes approximately eight seconds to download. We try to keep pages at 15 Kb or under, to ensure quick load times.

Fast Indexing: Submitting your website to the search engines can require a wait of up to a month or more before they retrieve it from their files and check out the site. We help speed this process up by listing your website link on this website, which is spidered daily. This gets your website indexed much faster.

*WARNING: Companies who offer “Guaranteed search engine placement for $xx per month” are almost certainly a scam. These companies will submit to you a list of search engines that you want to be in the top ten results for such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, and AltaVista etc. then they will include a few search engines you have not hear of. When you investigate the guaranteed results – you will find that the only search engines that you are listed in the top ten on are those that you haven’t heard of and what’s worse, upon further investigations you will find the company you hired for this service actually runs those sites! This is a popular scam and it is profitable for those companies. Don’t be fooled. If you choose to have a company do your search engine rankings for you, demand to see results from real people and ask for references. Keep in mind that 90% of all search engine optimization is offsite, and takes time. If you are only paying a few dollars per month to get to the top of Google it simply isn’t possible. Remember, large corporations employ dedicated teams of people that work full time to get them to the top of Google, and that is still not a guarantee!